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 End of Disk One: Revenants Retreat to Crater

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PostSubject: End of Disk One: Revenants Retreat to Crater   Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:40 pm

I need to find the copy that led up to this scene, but essentially the rems are fleeing after seeing a clip on news, and the forest/ancient city under attack!))

There were multiple Kinuko ships coming down, dropping soldiers, even WARRIOR's 3rd class, cleaving through the silent forest as the crew sped towards the Forbidden Capital.
Kadaj: "Loz, Yazoo.... remove the ones in our way." Looking back at the imps, "I will look for a way through.

San rolled her eyes at the wall and herded the goblins to a more defensible position in the center. "Alright. J and I will cover fire. Rons, no offense but you can't shoot a barn. You outta give Lord Spazz a hand, yeah?"

Yazoo got off his bike and readied his weapons. "Right, brother. We got this."

Julius nods to Kadaj and withdrew his weapon. "Want to do the kill count game, San?"

Ronnie rubbed her head in embarassment. Fortunatly with the new weapon, she can use ammo.... but a blast to the face doesn't require much aim.

Emy pulls out her recovered weapon and starts checking her materia. Since they stole Pooky, there was another side to the girl. One that didn't mind a little blodshed.

"Sanura, you go as well. Back them up. Can't trust them not to cry..." He grinned and skidded back to a halt. "Ronnie, with me. Serenthia...get the imps to the safehouse at the foot of Meteor Fall." He growled and drew out the Souba double blade two materia in either shoulder glowing brightly. "They...might well be the future..."

Emy: I want to fight! I have good materia!

Yazoo goes to find a good tree to hop into.
"Killll count it is." San smirked and looked at him, "Loser cooks tonight?"

She set up her weapon and looked over at Kadaj. So bad he was requesting their backup huh? Alrighty then! "Fine, I'll look after Poor widdle Lozzy so he doesn't drown in his tears."

"I'm NOT crying!" Loz gave them all an annoyed look, then started forward to let out his irritation in a game of whack-a-soldier. Not as fun as whack-a-soul, but just as satisfying.

"We wanna help too," Tev protested.

"Nuh uh. Must be THIS tall to ride this ride sprouts." San held a hand a good foot above the tallest of the three heads. "Go watch out for Mama-bear. Trick out the safehouse with enough traps to take out an army. Kapichin'?"

After shoving them that way, San took the safety off her--- gunblade. Gunblade out is never a good sign for the recieving end, given all the complaining of wear and rust they do. Setting it to a mid-range mode, she cocked it and fired, sending a soldier thing into a limp fall.

"One! ❤"


Flipping his blade around he dashed forwards and sliced clean through one of the Kinuko soldiers. "Listen close kiddos. You four are too important to be risked like this." He gave another feral growl as two mech soldiers came down on him, but with the materia in his body he cast Thundaga upon them watching them fritz out. "I won't risk the future of the Remnants...." then under his breath, "And Heiner better be right about this..."

Julius starts lining his weapon fir the first shot. "Loser cooks dinner." His first gunblade is in the hand of a certain rebel, so this one didn't mean as much to him. "One, sighting two!"

Ronnie didn't say much, not a lot to be said. She pulls up close to Kadj.

Emy pouts but the mission they were assigned did have it's merits.

Sere: kids on the bike, we leave now.

"Fiiine..." Tav said as he packed their prototypes, vastly outnumbered by the adults.

"Don't cry Tap." San said teasingly as she aimed and fired.

"It's TaVVV. And I'm not crying!"

"Tav-?" Tev looked at his brother and gave him a pull as Sere encouraged them back onto the bike.

"Alright alright!" Tav pulled his brother along, urging Emy as well if she was dragging her heels. If they couldn't fight there, they'd make the safehouse a living hell for any intruders. "Comin' Mom."

There was a small BOOM and a handful of bots went flying , some in pieces.

Loz: FOUR!

San: You're not allowed to cook anyway so yours don't count!

Kinuko pressure was getting to be too much, "We don't have time for this!" Kadaj groweld as he slashed through another two soldiers. "How did they know?" ANd as though on cue, there was a crackling sound, proceeeded by a great BANG as the air around a singular point combusted, leaving a single figure in the wake of the materia burn. Heiner slowly rose up as he called up his Limit break, 15 weapons suddenly surrounding him like ghosts. "I told you get them to safety..." Looking over his shoulder at San and Ronnie, "Go. NOW!" His order gave to brook for argument,

Emy cast big guard on the group before she turned to rush for the bike. She might not be able to stay and help with support, but she could do that. Once everyone was ready, Sere levitate some boulders to act as shields and started to speed off.

Ronnie was busy taking a dew out and felt surprise when Heiner shown up. The shard lodging in her hand glew and the woman wasn't holding back. "We are working on it!"
Despite San's jesting, her jaw was set in a firm line as they fought, eyes intense as she took one serious shot after another, now and then slashing out whenever one had the misfortune of getting too close. You had to be able to joke in situations like this, because the reaper could take you any second.

Her jaw dropped as she saw... Heiner come to the rescue? "wait... you? What are you doing-?"


She shut her trap and wagged a finger in warning at him, a silent promise for an interogation later. WHipping around, she grabbed Tav and whipped Tev over toward Sere. She nodded to emy, who seemed to be on the ball with the shields "You ride in a car and keep the shields up, kay kiddoe?"

She'd hip bump emy toward either J or Ron's bike, whichever one was closer as she backed quickly to the bike while laying cover fire. She'd shove Tav on and prep for a getaway.

"You heard the psychopath with the creepy swords ladies. It's time to Move it, move it."

As he walked forwards the blades and weapons swirled about cleaving any Kinuko foolish enough to get close, providing a wide gap for them to flee from. Kadaj wanted to stay, but he saw that with more Kinuko Strike Fighters coming into the area they they would easily be outmatched despite their legacy. "I know, I know! I tried to get them out..." There was a feral shrug in his shoulders as he walked back towards hsi bike, the others already setting off. "We are going to have a long talk when this is..." But he was interrupted, a titanic explosion ripped through the formal capital as the strike forces there completed their mission to reduce the Remnant base to ashes.

Emy hopped in one of the cars and grabbed a couple ethers. "Sounds good."

Yazoo was still fighting off some of the troops, unable to retreat just yet.

Ronnie meanwhile worked her way back. "GO! I WILL COVER THE REAR!"

AND yes, catch up with Heiner later.
Yazoo was pulling out and starting to run as well
Loz's eyes widened as the explosion rocked the area, and San paled as the once-forgotten city was reduced to a giant ball of fire. Even the living barrier was no match for the onslaught.

"Holy shiii-" She shook her head and pushed it out of her mind for now. Mission first, Freakin big explosion later.

"We're Off!" She called out pushing Tav tot he front of the bike. "You stick there in case you have to steer kid. Anything happens you keep riding.

Tav nodded wide eyed, forcing himself to look away from what was their home. "R..right."

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PostSubject: Re: End of Disk One: Revenants Retreat to Crater   Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:46 pm

Kadaj moved up and placed a very firm hand on Ronnie's shoulder and turned her back to face him, "No. You aren't listening. Survival is the goal here, not heroic sacrifice and not cutting fingers off to save the hands. We ALL leave, or NONE of us leave. Now get on the bike, the brats need you..." His catlike irises flexed for a moment, "I need you." He flicked his head to her bike, "Now let's go!" Heiner watched Kadaj finally step up as the leader brother he was supposed to be. "Bout time..." He said under his breath as the GUARDIAN began to cast ghost weapons up to intercept missiles and bombs alike.

Okay something was way off here. Since when did Kadaj take orders from anyone? Let alone Heiner? She didn't even know they talked!

San shook it off and got the kid ready on the bike, prepping him up front so he could balance and steer if she had to do any hands free shooting.

Tev would glance at his brother, and they'd both stare at the Heiner guy. While he felt familiar, they both didn't know THAT guy from Adam... but heck using the ghost weapons to intercept was pretty freakin cool.

"Every body ready?" San called out, checking the others as she reved up the bike, gunblade in long range mode in one hand.

"Right..." Ronnie glanced at the backup from Heiner and then to Kadaj. "I'm sorry, I..." She decided to stop talking and head to her bike to rev it up. In the frustration of losing their home, the woman punched down a tree and threw it while the bike was starting out. "Ready!"

Threw it at one of the choppers.

She didn't nee dto apologize, but then again he didn't mean to be so rough, but he wasn't having this, there were few enough of them and now the ones that were out int he world were being exterminated on sight. Kadaj leaped back towards his bike and mounted it revving it up. Ronnie and I got the rear guard, Loz and Yazoo...blow up anything in front. "We do not stop until we reach Northern Crater base camp. GO!" WIth that his bike roared to life. Meanwhile Heiner was doing the dance of weapons as he did his best to eliminate the worst of the projectiles.
San glanced over her shoulder, "Heiner, you stay alive or I'll kill you. Phoenix downed and dead!... Twice Minimum!"

"Gotcha!" Loz stated to Kadaj as he retreated to his bike, reving it up as he cast a puzzled look toward the guy that had everyone's attention. "Who's he, anyway?"

He didn't wait for an answer as he gunned his engine forward, prepped to quake and plow any soldiers that got in his path.

The twins were quiet, ducking as explosions and attacks persisted.

"Someone on my Christmas Card list! A former co-worker who the company is afraid of!" Ronnie answered Loz's question as the party began to move again. The black materia still active in her hands, watching her side of the back. Make sure everyone got there safely, keep an eye out like she was trained to do. Got to admit, the training is useful.

Julius had his sniper weapon ready on his back, gun mode. He had the girl so he was in the center where they could be easier to defend.

Once they were a fair distance away Heiner just turned slowly and grinned as he brought up the chunk of Black Materia he had managed to gather and repiece, and since it was naturally occuring...guess what that meant for him? "I've been doing some research..." He was speaking over the kinuko signal so all in the radio range could hear him. Circled by so many soldiers, tanks, helicopters, assault fighters. Even mecha powered by materia beginning to land to pursue the group of remnants. "Did you know the Black Materia, isn't just a conduit to the Meteor?" A suddenl flash of dark mako energy moved around his body, suddenly taking on a very bold purple and blue writhing coloration, "But a link into the very core of all Mako energy?" The wreath of power was glowing brighter, growing larger, it suddenly dawned ont he soldiers what was happening and retreat orders were being barked across the net...too little..too late... A Quad-Cast Thundaja suddenly erupted over the entire forest and began to vaporize soliders, tanks, mechs, and aircraft with bolts of judgement light, the trees of the forest however...remained oddly unaffected. As for Heiner? Heiner had vanished in the casting.

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End of Disk One: Revenants Retreat to Crater
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