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 Disk 2: Distant Echo

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"Heh... you fancy yourself a doctor now huh?"

A young woman with pink hair smiled in faint amusement in the doctor's direction, hair cut straight around her shoulders, and instead of pink the eyes were a distinctive mako blue. She looked a lot like Nika, only.. older. More composed. Her smile was the same, though it didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Not really, no." his voice answered before a version of Draco appeared, wearing the uniform of the Turks. "But think about it. The earliest record anyone can find of you, you were found in the end stages of geostigma. Then when you're next seen- you're completely cured! No medicine. No treatment."

The young woman made a disgusted sound and pulled herself over the fence, landing into the field on the other side. "The answer is still no."

The Turk Draco scrambled after her. "But what if you are the key to reversing geostigma? You could do a lot of good for a lot of people. Granted the water found in Midgar helps but-"

"Oh I'm a key alright. Just not the kind you're thinking of. Not to your geostigma. Not to your anything." The woman picked up a bucket, brushing the bright pink hair out of her face before trying to wave him off. "Now go away! Shoo!"

"Look, miss Glenn. It's just a blood test. McKillian is brilliant in her field. One of the best. If there is an antibody or - GAHH!"

WARRRRRRRRRKKKWARK!! A giant bull-chocobo was suddenly in the visions was in his face, flapping its wings threateningly as if daring him to come on the other side of the fence. A loud melodic laugh erupted from the young woman as a wall of birds suddenly circled her.

"Sorry. They don't like the smell of Shinra. Especially that woman." Her eyes glimmered from her feathered fortress. "If you really think she'd use my blood for medical purposes..."

She shook her head, as if thinking better of confiding whatever information she planned to give. "If you are as good natured as you seem... you should get far away from Shinra."

"Tell that witch the answer stays no. She'll never get my blood. She'll never claim my legacy. And she'll never control an arunika."

"An Ah-roo-what?" the man asked, trying to side step the guard bird enough to look at her, but the feathered wall kept moving with him.

She froze as her eyes narrowed and she studied him. She half hid behind the bird. "That's something you will never need to know because-"

"HEY!" a girl that looked strangely like a short haired Luna in oldfashioned short-shorts stood on a fencepost nearby, a red wolf-cat and a red clad man both close by. And all three looked ready to go into battle mode if pushed to it. "What's a Shinra dog doing sniffing around here?"

"He was just leaving." Vhid Glenn said cheerfully with a smug grin in the Turk's direction. She made it a point to have him see her turn off the PHS signal, as if making it clear that further coersion would not be met by just her. "Give Mister Shinra and Miss McKillian my heartfelt 'Never in a thousand years" when you make your way back."


Arunika. It's a word of the Ancients. It means "Full of Life." The woman's voice echoed as the scene faded into the darkness of a barren dreamscape. I guess you should know that now..
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Disk 2: Distant Echo
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