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 Sin (Psionic)

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Name: Syn Tanner
Street Name: "Sin"
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 4'9
Weight: 120
Build: Slender, small framed. "Gymnist" body type
Eye Colour: Forest Green
Hair Colour: Strawberry Blonde, straight, cut at the shoulders, always in face.
Wealth: 3600 credits
Character Level: 6

Health: 28 of 28
Meter: 100%

Four frag grenades
Ripper Blade: runs on a las battery, chainsaw blade
Octopus's Blade: a stiletto knife, useless in the hands of someone that doesnt know how to use it properly But if you do, it can pierce even power armor
Octopus's Handgun: Old Govt. Issue w/ Silencer and Lazor pointer.
One Clip Ammo (14 of 14)
Lazer Pistol and three batteries

Pip-Boy 4000-a , a computer latched permanently to her left wrist.
A week in dry rations and water
13 stimpacks
Tags: Octopus, Mantis, Raven, Sniper-wolf

Ghost Armor:
mutes all sound made save for to specific radios, inhibits radar and infrared veiw, guards against gasses and some elements.
+5 or more bonus to stealth.
Power Node: Left Shoulder: Energy Depletion: Touch attack can disrupt mechanic foes. Simple machines undergo a mechanic cardiac arrest.
Power Node: Right Shoulder: Camo: grants camoflaue for 10 minutes out of combat, and for up to 20 rounds in combat, BUT if you are hit by damage you lose it
Ranger Grade Carry bag: straps on chest. Can carry a rifle and then some. Two quick-grab velcro compartments for stims and grenades.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Value
Strength 5 (Maxed)
Perception 7
Endurance 4
Charisma 5
Intelligence 10
Agility 6 Base + 1 Background + 2 Small frame Perk = 9
Luck 3

Unarmed: Strength 10 + 10 (Criminal BG) + 10 Specialty + 10 Lev(5x2) + 10 Lev (5x2) + 10 Lev= 60
Melee Weapons: Strength 10 + 5 (Criminal BG)+ 5 (Lev)= 15
Throw: Strength 10

Explosives: Perception 14
Medium Weapons: Perception 14 + 5 Lev + 5 Lev = 24
Dark Vision: Perception 14
Notice: Perception 14 + 3 Lev = 17

Swim: Endurance 8
Hustle: Endurance 8
Drag: Endurance 8

Barter: Charisma 10
Speech: Charisma 10
Gather Info Charisma 10 + 10 (Specialty) + 10 Lev (5x2)= 30

Doctor: Intelligence 20
Science: Intelligence 20 + 10 (Specialty) + 10 Level (5 x 2)+ 10 Lev (5 x 2)= 50
Comprehension: Intelligence 20 + 5 Lev = 25
Paradox: Intelligence 20 + 3 Lev + 10 Lev + 11 Lev + 6 Lev = 50

Small Guns: Agility 18 + 5 (Criminal BG)+ 10 Lev + 6 Lev = 39
Explosives: Agility 18
Stealth/Dash: Agility 18 + 2 Lev = 20
Dual Wield Agility  18 + 8 Lev + 5 Lev + 3 lev = 34

Gamble: Luck  6
Dramatics: Luck 6 + 10 Lev = 16
Perform: Luck  6

Psionic- Telekinesis
Small Frame: Strength Cap 5, Agility +2

Lev 1: Swift Learner (+3 skill pts/level)
Lev 3: Swift Learner (+3 skill pts/level)
Lev 6: Earlier Sequence (+10 initiative)

Background Type: Criminal
Benefits: (+5) Small Arms
(+5) Melee Weapons
(+10) Unarmed
(+1) Starting Wealth


The world is in terrible shape. Full of dispair, uncertainty, and greed-driven tragedies. But it was not a crisis or a terrible event that drove the second eldest daughter of the Tanner family to the city, but the pure and simple hope for better work opportunities.

The tanners are a craftman's family, who lived in the far rural country. Figurines, doll houses, wooden practice swords... their skills are quite varied with regard to 'real' wooden products (as opposed to paperboard or plywood). They were not as drastically affected famiy-wise by the fall of the infostructure of their country, nor by the sudden collapse of global wide government. But the new rising civilation has demolished their former customer base and the need for their particular skills.And the locals had suddenly started to shun their products when one of them were caught using 'witchcraft' to summon a tool through the air to them. And with an ailing mother, an overworked father, a missing elder sister, and five younger mouths to feed, Syn's motive to travel to the merchants city was strictly opportunity and family care.

Syn was an observant and studious sort, always poking her nose through the small and broken towns limited library and picking off any and all tidbits of information that travelers could offer. She is not a master of woodcraft, but she mananges with what ability she does have.

Unfortunatly, her attempt to make ends meet by going to seek her fortune in the city did not fare well. Her shop was not especially large or elaborate, and a customer base for wood-work was near impossible to come by. She spent the better part of a year sitting outside the store front simply listening to people as they passed bye and talked. Slowly, gibberish started to link, names started to be repeated, and if she wasn't making any money off her work, she was at least being entertained. She also found out in her studies that their 'gift' to call forth small items to them was a force called telekinesis. Not the work of the devil as the ignorant townmen back home had claimed. She continued to read and study where she could, but as each month went by the inevitability of her having to return home became stronger. Rent was coing due, funds were low.. And worse... the last letter had come in... mother needed a new medicine. One they could not afford. She needed to go home and share these final months with her, knowing full well that mother would not see the spring.

One day she overheard the talk of the failing health of a head figure to a rather violent fued between two powerful families. And to her surprise overheard from a passing servent that the illness was a ruse to try to draw out and trap the rival family. Bragging to his serving maid audience that he heard they would actually go as far as to lower the guard to catch them on the territory.

Everything about Syn's upbringing told her to stay out of it. To keep out of things and pretend she never heard a word. It wasn't her business. It wasn't virtue or goodness or even a particular ambition that goaded her though. There was no loyalty or even a real knowledge of the families past what she heard in street talk. There was no zeal for honor. No desire to gain the attentions of a noble. No silly delusions of infatuation with a houses young master. She'd never even seen their faces. The only thing that nagged and goaded her to keep from ignoring it was the memory of five hungry faces and a pale weak woman smiling a sad, kind smile from the bed as Syn gave her family her good byes.

It had taken several days to reach a decision. Her idea was insane, and had almost no chance at actually working. But her choices were few, and she really had nothing to lose. Using a cunning she did not realise she had, she tapped out every ounce of her abilities to find audience with the rival family. The adventure was her start into her present day career today, where in the public eye she runs a fairly well patroned craftshop, and sells information from rumors to detailed blueprints. Her family is well cared for, her shop thriving, and her mother while still ill expected to live a few years longer should she continue to recieve her medication. When you wish for a trinket, you visit Ms.Tanner. If you require information, you search the streets for "Sin".

(Further detail to come out in rp)

Personal Notes:

Skill points Per Level: 26
(10 base + 10 Int + 3 Quick Learner Perk + 3 Quick Learner Perk)
Level 2: (23 pts) 10 Pts Small arms, 5 pts Gather Info (specialty bonus doubles), 8 pts Dual Weld
Level 3: (26 pts) 5 Unarmed (specialty doubles), 5 Comprehension, 5 Med Gun, 5 Dual Weld, 3 Paradox, 3 Notice
Level 4: (26 points) 5 Unarmed (specialty bonus doubles), 10 Paradox, 5 Science (specialty doubles), 6 Small Guns
Level 5: (26 points) 5 Unarmed (specialty doubles), 5 Science (specialty Doubles), 11 Paradox, 5 Med Weap.
Level 6: (26 Points) 5 Melee, 6 Paradox, 2 stealth/Dash, 3 Dual Weld, 10 dramatics

Sin: (Definitions)
1) A lack of conformity to, or a transgression, especially when deliberate, of a law, precept, or principle regarded as having divine authority.
2) Estrangement from god

Psionics Awakened:
Ability: Telekinesis
Power Points: 30
Weight Limit: 50 lbs (5 pts per cast)
Weight Max: 75 lbs (8 pts)
Range: Anything within 50 ft
NOTE: Situational Bonus against Organic targets

Pip Data:
Wasteland Archives and Data from an underground facility that had been involved in rebirth project
Maps of Broxa
Psionics 101
Theoretic Blueprints of the Gecko
VATS system
New Vegas self-made floor map
Party Connection to Zander, Aight, and Finnan
Basic information on the 4 elites slain in the battle for the tower, scanned off tags.
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Sin (Psionic)
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