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 Kamyllia de Villionne

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PostSubject: Kamyllia de Villionne   Kamyllia de Villionne Icon_minitimeMon Apr 23, 2018 2:04 pm

Name: Kamyllia de Villionne
Zodiac: Most Likely Virgo
Age: 16

Hair Color: Golden Blond
Eyes: Fades from Blue around the pupils and grows to look like Violet around the outside.

Race: Mixture
Social Status: Princess
Sexuality: No time for that now.

Alignment: Neutral-Good

Parents: Rayne & Gabriel de Villionne
Silbling: Nathaniel de Villionne

Aunts and Uncles: Cousins
Asra Nighthawk
Sindarosiel & Shade: Kazuki Nighthawk
Skye Nighthawk
Paris and Vhid: Yasmina, Miga & Xena de Villionne.

Other relations include the Vindictious...
(There are more that will be listed as it plays out.)


Photographic Memory
Enhanced Senses - Taste, Sight, Hearing, Smell.

If you were to look up the entry on Virgo that is in this site's encyclopedia, you would see a lot of Kamyllia in that entry. She tries to lean more on logic than emotion, unless you are someone she cares about. She thinks sex is the grossest thing in existence, and would rather read a book than go swimming.

Somehow learned to fear spiders... She doesn't remember why, she just sees if it has 8 legs and walks on land, it must die.

Not much more to say than that, nothing really to mark any significant events.
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Kamyllia de Villionne
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